Apr 7

This Night

Her pure gaze transcends me with entitlement

Immersed in a desperate pale blue sea

Enriched by the hidden fire

Keeping the dark in its roots


The warm exterior felt beyond dreams

I pined for the birth of kiss

Her moist refinement was sweet

The night’s garment slipped away


She was a scene of reality, not phantom

Curves of Saturn’s rings

The dawn cut through sheets

How strange a rugged path could lead


To be hers for the song of love

My nocturnal path would flourish

Infinite memories would gather   

A settled soul would sleep.

Apr 2


As the evenings moisture leaned in

I was glazed and thickened by her soft skin

Her compelling touch was calming

The freedom she exorcised on me


A pattern appeared with no horizon

Possibly set and encased in stone

The tender pull, our heart’s contempt

Asleep in each other’s soul.

Mar 31


The draft of life.

Settles with a recorded sound.

Her embrace stalls the night.

I trespass with a different bout.


Fruitful memories come to roost.

Encased and transfixed by simple woes.

She implants my soul with childish thoughts.

Built for apparent failure. 


I’d wait for her partly broken.

Holding my breath a century passed. 

Driven by a opaque obsession. 

Staying static in hope. 


Somewhere my passion eclipsed.

Jovial promises, unfounded.

A washed up token, released in parts.

Laying awake for her tender touch.   


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